ePlanning portal is the Scottish Government site that allows you to create and send planning related applications or correspondence to us. 

The portal also has an online fee calculator to help you calculate the fee for your application and a forms wizard to identify the type of form you require. It also allows you to download the relevant forms if you prefer to apply by post. 

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How we manage applications and correspondence

To aid the electronic process, our established ePlanning team is your single point of receipt for all incoming applications and correspondence relating to planning applications. 

The team is responsible for:

  • monitoring portal submissions
  • ensuring applications are processed successfully 
  • converting paper based mail to electronic format prior to processing 

We collect the submissions you make via the portal every hour between 7.30am and 5pm, Monday to Friday.

Submissions available via the portal

You can submit new applications, appeals or requests for local review through the portal. 

If you have an ongoing application, you can use the 'Post Submission Additional Documents' form to submit additional information or revised drawings. You will need to provide the relevant application reference or the original portal reference number.

You can also use this form to submit additional documents if you were not able to send all of them in your initial submission due to the maximum file sizes (5MB for individual documents and 200MB in total). 

Submissions process


If you are using the portal for the first time you need to create an account.

View the ePlanning portal user guide for more information including how to create an account and a proposal. 

Creating a proposal

Once you have created your account, you can create a proposal for your project.

After that, you can select the form you require using the option 'Add Additional Forms' under your 'Draft Forms' section. You can't submit any documentation without a form.

You can submit multiple forms in your proposal such as a 'Full Planning Application' form together with a 'Post Submission Additional Documents' form that includes additional documentation.

All forms have a checklist type process to help you through the submission process. At the final step of the process please ensure you click both 'I Accept' and 'Submit'. 

If your submission has been successfully accepted by the portal, you will receive an email confirmation that it is waiting pick up by Aberdeenshire. If you haven't received this email, please check you have fully completed the process, the application may be sitting in your 'Draft' section.

Help with the portal

The ePlanning portal is supported and maintained by the Scottish Government, therefore the main support centre is with them. You can contact the support centre for help or to feedback any suggestions for improvements. 

Throughout the portal, you will find useful user guides, help and hints options to assist you with your application. 

You can contact our ePlanning team to check if your submission has been received or for any other query.

Please provide your portal reference number for any correspondence.