Parking fines (Excess Charge Notices)

We issue car parking fines when you have not adhered to the conditions of use of a car park. Find out more about: 

Find out about pavement, double and dropped kerb parking fines.

The quicker you react, the less you pay. View our payment scales

Reasons you may have received a parking fine

If you have received an Excess Charge Notice (ECN), this is because you have not adhered to the conditions of use of the car park. Excess Charge Notices are most commonly issued as a result of a failure to display a valid parking ticket, parking outwith a marked bay or not displaying a valid Blue Badge.  

Please ensure you obtain and display the correct ticket, display your Blue Badge if you have one and always park within the marked bays.

Full conditions of use can be read in the Aberdeenshire Council Off Street Parking Order(s)

How to pay a parking fine

You will need to have your Excess Charge Notice (ECN) reference and your vehicle registration handy. You will need to provide your name, address and card details for the online payment.

If your ECN begins with a V or a 9 or if you have lost your ECN, please contact us

Payment scales

If an ECN is issued for wrongfully parking in a disabled bay the full payment will apply.

Three payment scales are available (details are provided on the ECN):

  • Instant Payment £25: 
    The Excess Charge Notice (ECN) of £75 will be reduced to £25 if payment is made within 24 hours of the issue date shown on your ECN (no course of appeal if choosing this payment option)
  • Discount Payment £50: 
    The Excess Charge Notice (ECN) of £75 will be reduced to £50 if payment is made after 24 hours of issue date shown on your ECN but within 14 days of the issue date
  • Full Payment £75: 
    The Excess Charge Notice (ECN) of £75 will be payable if you do not make payment within 14 days of the issue date shown on your ECN

Payment methods

There are different ways you can pay your car parking fine. You can pay online by credit or debit card.

Pay parking fines online

Alternatively you can pay by using RingGo. You can pay Instant payment £25 using the RingGo App or calling 0345 559 5959 and selecting location code 85501. Ensure you enter the same vehicle registration as stated on the ECN. This facility is only available for the Instant Payment option.

If you have difficulty making payment by the above methods please call 01467 536060.

How to appeal a parking fine

You can challenge a parking fine if you believe you have not breached the car park conditions. Appeals must be made within 14 days of receiving a notice. Before making an appeal, you can check the list of valid reasons and invalid reasons.

You will need to provide the ECN reference, vehicle registration, name, address, email, reasons for your appeal and any supporting evidence.

Appeal a fine online

You can also appeal a parking fine by sending an email or letter to the Car Parks team. Please note:

  • Appeals must be received within 14 days of issue of this notice
  • If an ECN is paid, any appeal regarding that ECN will not be considered
  • If an ECN is appealed the discounted payment rate of £50 will be reset. This rate will remain in place for 14 days from the date the appeal decision is sent back to the appellant
  • Telephone appeals or appeals in person will not be considered
  • Car Park Operatives cannot cancel or revoke an ECN once issued

Processing an appeal

We will review any photographic or body worn camera evidence when assessing an appeal. We will also examine any evidence you have provided.

If it is found that our staff have been subjected to verbal or physical abuse your ticket will not be cancelled. We will not cancel an ECN where false allegations or inaccurate information has been provided.

We will let you know the outcome of your appeal within 20 working days. You will be required to make a payment if your appeal is unsuccessful.

Contact details

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