Valid reasons for a parking fine appeal

They are some circumstances we can accept as valid reasons for an appeal if it's your first ticket. We may cancel your fine on a first occasion if:

You were delayed in returning to car

It is your responsibility to ensure that you have a parking ticket before leaving your vehicle parked in any car park and to ensure that you return to the vehicle by the expiry time on the parking ticket. The exception is illness which an independent medical practitioner can validate. 

You parked outwith a marked parking bay

We will issue you with a parking fine if you park outside of a marked bay, even if you display a valid ticket. We mark our parking bays in a way that is safe and provides the maximum number of spaces. You are not able to simply park wherever you like.

You attempted a card payment but the machine did not process it

The card payment facility requires a mobile phone signal to process the transaction. There are times and areas where it is not strong enough to do so. However it remains your responsibility to get a ticket or find an alternative car park. In car parks where we allow a free period, please place a free ticket on display before going for change.

You made a payment but the machine did not issue a ticket 

Our machines track all free and paid transactions including vehicle registrations. We can verify a purchase where the machine did not issue a ticket. We will cancel the fine if there is a record of the payment and registration.

The ticket was not visible

Where a ticket has fallen from view or was not on display properly we will issue a parking fine. We will cancel the fine if you can provide the original parking ticket or we can find evidence of the ticket purchase.

Residents permit expired

We send a reminder to all permit holders a month in advance of the permit expiry date. It is your responsibility to ensure you hold a valid permit.