Public and private roads

We repair and maintain most roads and pavements in Aberdeenshire.

We are not responsible for maintaining trunk roads (A90, A96 and the A92 from Stonehaven Junction to Charleston Junction). They are managed and maintained by Amey.

Public roads

The statutory list of public roads is a list of all public roads within Aberdeenshire that we maintain. We update the list on a quarterly basis and provide it for public information only. The copyright remains with us and no commercial use is to be made of the information without our consent.

View statutory list of public roads. You can also visit your local roads office during normal working hours to view the list and associated plans.

Road status enquiries

If information regarding the status of a road is required in writing (for example for a BT wayleave), then a standard charge will be applied. An email detailing the required information, including a location plan, should be sent to An invoice for the standard charge will be issued along with any response.

If the status of a road requires to be clarified with regard to the purchase or sale of a property then it is recommended that a Property Clearance Certificate is sought.

Private roads

Private (unadopted) roads in Aberdeenshire total approximately 190 miles or 300 km, many of which are used by the public. It is our duty to maintain roads on the statutory list of public roads, however we have no legal obligation to maintain private roads.

Adopting private roads

We will formally adopt and take over the responsibility for the upkeep of a private road if it is made up to the published standard. Once the road is made up to the required standard it will be added to the statutory list of public roads.

To assist residents and road users, a reduced specification has been agreed for bringing the roads up to adoptable standard. Further details are available in section 24 of the Standards for Roads Construction Consent and Adoption document (PDF 1.5MB).

No financial assistance is available from the council to assist in the making up of these roads, but staff are happy to provide technical advice to residents and road users who wish to pursue this option. Please contact your local roads office for further information.