Parentsportal: annual data checks

Schools do annual data checks to make sure they have the correct details relating to your child. You will need to check the information is correct and update anything as required.

When the school publishes the data check, you will receive an email asking you to sign in to Parentsportal to complete it online. If you have more than one child, you will need complete a data check for all. 

Only one person can complete the data check, this will be the main contact listed for your child.

How to complete the check

To complete the data check online, you need to link your child's details to your account.

Access Parentsportal by signing in to myAberdeenshire, then:

  1. Go to annual data check, under 'services'.
  2. Select 'access service'.
  3. Select the name of the child you are completing the check for.
  4. Where required select 'edit' to make changes.
  5. After checking and/or editing the sections, select 'submit'.

View further guidance (PDF 1.47MB).

What happens after

Any changes you make will need to be approved by the school. If approved the data check will be submitted automatically.

If any changes are rejected by the school, the section will show as 'please check details' again. You will have to enter new details for approval, or submit the section without the changes.