Parentsportal: link your child's details to your account

If you already have a myAberdeenshire account and have moved home or have a new mobile number, remember to check your myAberdeenshire details are correct before making a link child request. Also, make sure your myAberdeenshire account is in your own name and not your child’s.

In order to make a link to your child(ren), the information you provide during the link child process must exactly match the information your child’s school holds, for example:

  • you need to be confirmed as a contact for your child
  • your child needs to have started in the school and you must match the school year they are currently in, for example P1, S5
  • you need to provide your child's proper name (not preferred one) when asked for their first name

After entering your child's details, the information will go through two more security checks:

  1. You will first be sent a security code. This security code will be sent to either a mobile phone number or email address that is already registered for you, within your child’s school system.
  2. Once you enter the correct security code, your link child request will then be sent to the school, for final approval. 

Both these security checks need to be complete before you will gain access to your child’s record.  If you have any problems linking your child’s details, please refer to guide on troubleshooting issues with linking (PDF 1.9MB) or contact your child’s school.

If you have more than one child, you can choose to 'link further children'. You will only need to link each account once.

Schools will be unable to approve link child requests when they are closed for weekends and for holidays. Schools will also be very busy at the start of each term, so it could take up to 5 working days before your request is approved. When your request is approved you will receive an email confirming you can sign in to the and see your child's details from your account.