Parentsportal: moving between schools

On this page you can find out what will happen in your account if your child is moving to a new school.

You will continue to be able to log into and have access to any tiles that either provide general information or link to other sections, however you will no longer see the name of the child(ren) who is leaving, in your list of linked children. This is because all schools require to enter a leaving date when a child is leaving school. Once we reach this leaving date, all child links are removed and your account is no longer connected to that school.

Seeing you child’s information in a new school

You will need to make a child link request to connect to the new school. To do this, you will need to wait till your child starts at the new school. If the new school is an Aberdeenshire school, the school office will let you know during the first few weeks, when to make the new child link.

If your child is starting in a new school after summer, you will need to wait till the new school is open. If you try to set up the new link while the school is closed over summer, you may receive an automatic notice of a Link Child Failure. Please wait till the new school opens and try again then.