SDS payment card

How the Self-directed Support payment card works

Your Self-directed Support (SDS) payment card is set up by us. A card is posted to you and once you have registered it, you can access the account. Instructions on how to activate your card and get your PIN (Personal Identification Number) are included. Make sure you read the Terms and Conditions.

Direct Payments are made every 4 weeks in advance. They are automatically paid in to your payment card account. We will let you know when payments are made and available to use.

The money you spend using the card is deducted instantly. The card doesn't have an overdraft facility. You must make sure there are enough funds available in the account to make a purchase. You can view what you've spent online and print a statement at any time. You can’t spend more than is in the account. Transactions are Chip and PIN only, contactless transactions aren’t authorised.

We will be able to view your payment card account balance and transactions at any time.

Your payment card is replaced every 2 years when it expires. Please contact us if you don’t get a new card before your old one expires.

Change of circumstances

If your personal details change - name; address; telephone number or email address -  you must tell us. We will update your payment card account. Replacement cards or other communications are sent to the address on the account.

If your needs change, contact your Practitioner.

If you no longer need your payment card, please tell your Practitioner and they will arrange for the account to be closed. Once closed, you can destroy and responsibly dispose of the card.

If the person getting the care and support has died and they managed their own Direct Payment, we will freeze the account, pay final bills (including tax and payroll for employees) and close the account.

If you manage a Direct Payment for someone who has died, you are responsible for paying final bills. Our partner, Cornerstone SDS can help you do this. Let us know  when you have made the final payments and we will recover any unused funds and close the account.