SDS payment card

Using the Self-directed Support payment card

The Self-directed Support (SDS) payment card should be used to pay for care and support agreed in your support plan. For example to pay:

  • for care from an agency
  • transport
  • leisure activities
  • support services
  • your personal assistants

As long as the payment you wish to make is agreed in your support plan, you can use the payment card to make payments:

  • in person using your PIN
  • online or by telephone
  • into a person’s (including a personal assistant) or an organisation’s bank account by direct debit, bank transfer or standing order

If you have chosen to have your budget managed by a Payroll Provider or an ISF Provider they will be responsible to access your payment card account online and manage the payments on your behalf. You will not receive a card and will not have access to the account. If you wish to know any account information such as balance, your managed account provider will be able to inform you.

If you want to make purchases for anything not in your support plan, your practitioner needs to authorise them before you make payment.

We don’t apply fees if you make purchases online, at a shop or by phone. But individual retailers may charge a fee. Check with the retailer before making a purchase.

The card can be used to make either one-off or regular payments.

You can’t spend more than you have available. The purchase will be declined. You need to wait until the account has enough funds to make the purchase.

When you receive your payment card you can access your account to view your balance and make payments by logging in to myAberdeenshire and linking it to your payment card.

  1. Select 'view all services, then 'manage your SDS payment card'.
  2. Enter your Cardholder ID (CHID number), this is a unique 12-digit number starting with 20000, which can be found on your initial letter with your payment card or on the back of your card.
  3. Enter your date of birth.
  4. Select 'add new card.

Alternatively, you can call our partner Prepaid Financial Services (PFS) customer services team.

You can’t use your payment card to withdraw cash unless it has been agreed by your Practitioner. If you have agreement to use cash to pay for care and support, you can use your card and PIN at an ATM to withdraw money.

You can’t put additional money into your account. Only the financially assessed contribution or Independent Living Fund (ILF) payment should be paid into it.

No more than 6 weeks payments should be carried forward in your account. If the balance is more than this, your Practitioner will contact you to discuss. Surplus funds will be transferred back to us.

Contributing to your Direct Payment

If you have been asked to contribute to your care and support, we will let you know how you should pay it. You will either be invoiced or asked to pay it in to your payment card account every 4 weeks, depending on your support plan. You can’t use your payment card to pay our invoices.

You can pay your contribution in to the account by bank transfer, debit card (via your payment card account).

Keeping receipts

You must keep receipts for all purchases. We can ask to see them at any time. You can upload a copy of the receipt to your payment card account. You can also take a photograph of the receipt and upload it to the account using a smartphone. If you don't want to do this, you must keep the original receipts for 6 years, plus the current financial year. They can be destroyed after this.

If you use your card for ATM cash withdrawals, you must show your Practitioner the receipts at each review if you haven't uploaded them to your myAberdeenshire account.

Managing your PIN

If you have forgotten your PIN number, please call PFS automated service.

You have 3 chances to enter your PIN correctly, then your card is ‘locked’ and you can’t use it. If this happens call PFS automated service straight away.

If you can use your card to withdraw cash, you can change your PIN at an ATM. Not every ATM offers this function.

Lost or stolen and replacement cards

If your card is lost or stolen, or you believe its security has been compromised, call PFS customer service team straight away. You should also tell us if your card has been misused by someone else.

You can also temporarily block your card or report it lost or stolen using your myAberdeenshire account.

If you need a replacement card, contact PFS customer service team. Replacement cards take 10 to 14 days to arrive.