Alternative housing options

On this page you can find out about help and support available to those who may be struggling to live alone, as well as alternative housing options.

Many people who think they can't manage at home are able to with some help and support. We can provide a range of care and support services to help you at home:

If living in your home is no longer possible there are alternative housing options.

Sheltered housing

Sheltered housing provides self-contained accommodation for older or disabled people or people with identified support needs. Sheltered housing provides support in a professional and confidential way. It offers low level housing support so tenants can live as independently as possible.

Very sheltered housing

Very sheltered housing provides self-contained accommodation with support and home care from on-site care staff. Meals are provided and there are communal areas for residents. Very sheltered housing lets older people or people with disabilities keep their independence and privacy while making sure care and support is provided.

Housing for adults with learning disabilities

Our guide Finding a place to live (PDF 1.62MB) contains advice and information to help people with learning disabilities find housing in Aberdeenshire.

Care homes

Care homes provide round the clock care and support from trained staff in homely surroundings. They are registered and inspected by the Care Inspectorate.

View our Care Home and Very Sheltered Housing privacy notice (PDF 483KB) to find out how information about you is gathered and used.