Community Alarm and Telecare Service

Find out about the community alarm and telecare digital switchover.

Our Community Alarm and Telecare Service is called Aberdeenshire LifelineCommunity alarms and telecare cover a range of devices that use modern technology to help keep you safe and independent in your own home.

Find out more about Aberdeenshire Lifeline:

View Adult and Older People Services privacy notice (PDF 297KB).

Community alarms

The community alarm scheme allows you to call for help in an emergency at any time, day or night.

Close Up of a Community Alarm PendantA community alarm connects to, and uses, your own telephone to contact a trained operator. You wear a pendant with a button which, when pressed by you, sends a signal through the telephone to our centre operators. Our trained operators will speak to you directly to ask what kind of help you need. They will arrange for help to arrive, if needed. 


Telecare technology being used at home

Telecare provides a range of additional alarm systems that can alert you when something needs your attention, or alert others to help you when you need it.

The equipment is unobtrusive and is installed in your home by trained technicians, with minimal disruption. Examples of telecare alert systems are:

  • fall detector
  • smoke or fire detector
  • flood detector
  • gas detector
  • occupancy detector
  • door contacts (which can raise an alert when the door is opened)
  • pressure mats (which detect movement or lack of movement)

Telecare can offer a safer home environment and give you greater control over your lifestyle. Telecare can provide reassurance and access to immediate help, if needed.

Types of equipment

Our guide to community alarms and telecare (PDF 632KB) has more information about the equipment available and may help you identify which equipment may provide the best support.

Eligibility for Aberdeenshire Lifeline

You may be eligible for Aberdeenshire Lifeline if you need care to live independently at home, whatever your age, and if you have:

  • increasing frailty
  • dementia
  • a long term health condition
  • physical disability
  • sensory impairment
  • mental health problems
  • problems with substance misuse

You can make a referral to us if you think you, a relative, neighbour or friend may benefit from our community alarm or telecare services. 

You may need to contribute towards the cost of community alarms and telecare.

Making a referral to Aberdeenshire Lifeline

You can make a referral if you think you, or someone you know, may benefit from our community alarm or telecare service.

You can do this by:


You can self-refer by completing the referral form and service agreement:

The referral form details information about the person who may need help in an emergency at any time, day or night. You need to complete the personal details and nominate three contacts including their home, work and mobile telephone numbers. These contacts should be (if possible) family, friends or neighbours who are happy to be contacted in an emergency to help you. The form also includes information such as your doctor's details and the type of equipment requested. You can use our guide to community alarms and telecare to help you decide the equipment you need.

The service agreement explains what we are responsible for and what the person using Aberdeenshire Lifeline is responsible for. By signing and dating the service agreement you agree to:

  • maintain a telephone line and electrical supply
  • pay the current weekly charge for the community alarm scheme

Please email the completed referral form and signed service agreement to: or return them to:

Joint Equipment Centre
Burghmuir Place
AB51 4FW

A member of staff will contact you to arrange installation of the equipment requested in the referral form.

If you aren't happy with any part of the referral process please call the Joint Equipment Centre on 01467 536161. A member of staff will talk to you or arrange a visit to discuss any issues.

If you are still dissatisfied you can use our complaints procedure.

Contact us

For general enquiries you can contact us by emailing or call us on 03456 08 12 06.