About the Shared Lives Scheme

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The Shared Lives Scheme offers adults with disabilities the opportunity to have a placement in a Shared Lives Carer’s home.

Shared Lives provides:

In all circumstances, you can enjoy a change to your daily routine in the company of a Shared Lives Carer. You can take part in activities and outings or you can simply choose to relax.

Day support

Shared Lives Carers offer a variety of day opportunities in and around their home and community. They can include:

  • learning independent living skills like cooking and shopping
  • trying new things and developing new interests such as photography, art or woodwork
  • volunteering in your community or joining local community groups together

Short breaks

Shared Lives Carers offer a variety of short breaks, such as:

  • 1 night away
  • a weekend a month
  • a 2-week holiday once a year

You may like a short break close to home, or maybe somewhere a bit different. You may enjoy a stay in the country where it is peaceful and like to help with animals, or maybe stay near the sea and enjoy walks on the beach. 

We match you with a Shared Lives Carer who can provide a break that meets your needs and interests, and who has the time to make you feel special.

Long term accommodation and support

Some of our Shared Lives Carers offer people a comfortable and supportive place to live. Our Carers provide a family home to share whilst supporting you to continue to do the things you enjoy.

Activity weekend breaks

The Shared Lives Scheme offers 3 short activity weekend breaks a year to people who are interested in Shared Lives, their family carers and Shared Lives Carers. A break or a holiday can help people to relax whilst recharging their batteries. This is no different for people who have a disability and their families.

We use venues that offer value for money, have stunning environments, provide good food and give opportunities to try new activities. This all takes place in an equal, flexible setting where everyone can help and give something to others whilst growing as a person in their own right.

Contact us if you want to find out more about these activity short breaks or our weekend day events.

Transition support

Shared Lives can also provide support during periods of transition. Times of transition in life can be difficult for us all, but even more so if you have support needs such as learning or physical disabilities or mental health issues. Whether it’s moving into adulthood and gaining some independence; thinking about moving from the family home; moving to a new area; copying with a bereavement or change in health or simply wanting some new experiences.

Times of transition can be tough on individuals and their families, but with a strong support network this process can be successful and fulfilling for everyone.