Visual impairment

Registering your visual impairment

Being registered as sight impaired (partially sighted) or severely sight impaired (blind) means you are added to a Register of Visual Impairment. It is voluntary and can give you access to certain benefits, services, and support. Our Visual Impairment Team hold this Register in Aberdeenshire.

Benefits of registering

You will be eligible for some entitlements if you are registered sight impaired or severely sight impaired. You may also be eligible for some of these if you receive certain levels of other benefits.

Entitlements for sight impaired and severely sight impaired:

Entitlements for severely sight impaired only:

You may also want to consider benefits such as:

Citizen’s Advice can help you apply for these benefits.

How to register

If you think you might want to be registered, speak with your high street Optometrist or Optician. They can explain the requirements for registration. If you meet these, they can refer you to an eye specialist. If Eyes Specialist decides you can be registered, they will complete the Certificate of Visual Impairment forms with you. It may be possible to do this by post if the eye specialist doesn’t need to see you for treatment of your eye condition.

The Certificate of Visual Impairment is then sent to our Visual Impairment Service. We will contact you to check if you want to be on the Register of Visual Impairment. We will also discuss the support you need and let you know about any specific sight loss entitlements you may be eligible for.

Privacy notice

Our Visual Impairment Registration Privacy Notice (PDF 476KB) gives more information about how we may use your data.