Performance reports

We collect information on the council's performance for two reasons:

  • So we know how we are doing and can make improvements
  • To keep ourselves accountable to the people of Aberdeenshire and others with an interest in the council

We want to ensure our residents, service users and partners can access information that is relevant to them quickly and easily. We publish a range of performance data during each year. Comprehensive details of our regular publications can be found in our performance reports calendar.

Annual report

Our council plan sets out core priorities and outcomes for the council, setting the strategic direction to be delivered during the life of the plan. Each year we will publish an annual report providing a review of progress delivering the priority outcomes and overall performance improvement including performance based on statutory indicators. The review of progress also reflects the outcomes of external scrutiny, self-evaluation and customer feedback.  

View our annual performance report in English and in Gaelic:

Previous years reports

Previous public performance reports and statutory performance reports:

Delivering on our priorities

To see how we are delivering on our priorities overall, please review our council plan scorecards.

Cross-service performance

Our directorates regularly monitor their performance against a set of key outcome and service indicators. They report overall performance to policy and area committees by way of outcome and service indicators, and action plan outputs against planned key projects as agreed within directorate plans. To ensure full scrutiny, twice a year we publish an overview report and comprehensive reports for all indicators and actions.

View directorate plans:

View how services are performing against council priorities.

Area Plans

Area Plans were agreed by committee in May 2021. They demonstrate how each area is delivering our council priorities and are reported to Area Committee on a six-monthly basis.

View our Area Action Plan Progress Reports and Area Performance Reports

Corporate Improvement Plan

Our Corporate Improvement Plan incorporates the council's high level improvement action plans which relate to Best Value, Self-Evaluation and our Annual Governance Statement. The progress of the plan is reported to the Audit Committee on a three monthly basis.

You can find these updates on our Corporate Improvement Plan Updates page.

Self-assessment and evaluation

As a council we must understand our strengths and where we have areas for improvement. We use the 'how good is our council' framework as our approach to self-assessment and evaluation:

Should you need older copies of these reports or if you have any queries, please contact the Performance team.

The Regulatory Reform (Scotland) Act 2014 includes provisions on promoting regulatory consistency, improving environmental regulation and a duty on regulators to contribute to achieving sustainable economic growth, and gives Scottish Ministers the power to issue a Code of Practice in support of the duty on regulators to contribute to sustainable economic growth. To this end the Scottish Regulators’ Strategic Code of Practice has been developed, and each Council is required to produce an annual statement of compliance with the Code. View the Aberdeenshire Council statement of compliance for 2019 (PDF 422KB).