Trade Waste Collection

Trade waste and recycling collections

We offer both trade waste and trade recycling services for businesses.

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What we collect

We collect:

  • mixed dry recycling (plastic bottles, tubs, trays and cups, cans and foil, paper and card and cartons)
  • glass (bottles and jars) - colour separated
  • general non-hazardous waste

Please place non-hazardous waste only in your general waste bin.

When we collect

You can choose to have your waste and recycling collected once a week or once a month. Collections start at 7am although the actual collection times will vary. If your bins are not out in time for collection, we won't return to empty them later.

The service usually continues as normal on local and bank holidays, but there might be changes over the festive period.

Occasionally there might be disruptions to bin collections which are out of our control, for example due to weather conditions.

Bin sizes

We provide the following sizes of containers:

  • 140 Litre wheeled bin (smaller than standard household size)
  • 240 Litre wheeled bin (standard household size)
  • 660 Litre metal bin with 4 wheels
  • 820 Litre metal bin with 4 wheels
  • 1100 Litre metal bin with 4 wheels
  • 1280 Litre metal bin, same size as a bin at a Recycling Point

If you find your bin is not big enough to hold all your waste, please contact us to get a bigger or additional bin, or to discuss ways of reduce your waste.

Find out more about trade waste and trade recycling containers (PDF 337KB).

How to prepare your bins for collection

Please make sure we are able to access your bins on collection day:

  • Collections start at 7am - please make sure your bins are out for this starting time
  • Make sure there are no cars are parked in the way
  • If the bins are snowed in, please dig them out, so our crews are able to empty them
  • Make sure all items are inside the bin, any excess waste that is not contained inside your bin won't be collected (the exception to this is where we have not managed to collect your bin last time due to snow or breakdowns

For information on trade recycling or trade waste collections, business waste reduction, reuse, recycling and regulatory compliance, please contact Wasteline.

Tell us about any changes

You can change your collections at any time, but all changes must be confirmed in writing. The quickest way to do this is to email

If you fail to notify us of a change to your service you will be invoiced wrongly, and you may be in breach of the Duty of Care legislation.

You must also tell us if you sell, let, sublet, move or close your business.

Waste Transfer Notes

A Waste Transfer Note is a legal document and must be kept for a minimum of 2 years. It is required any time commercial waste is transferred, and it confirms that whoever is receiving the waste will dispose of it in line with all current regulations.

You will get two copies of a new Waste Transfer Note sent to you in spring every year. Both copies must be signed and completed. One of the copies should be returned promptly every year and the other one is for your own records. Failure to have a completed Waste Transfer Note is an offence. Please check it is correct, as your invoice is based on this information.

You are not required to use our service, though any waste management business must comply with all waste disposal regulations.

Payments and invoicing

Trade waste customers are normally invoiced annually, in advance. The annual invoices cover the period from 1st April to 31st March the following year.

Payment can be made by a variety of methods, including splitting the payments and paying by Direct Debit. Instructions are on the back of the invoice.

View the trade waste and recycling collection charges and find out how to pay your invoice


For information on trade recycling or trade waste collections, business waste reduction, reuse, recycling and regulatory compliance, please contact Wasteline.