Request bins or collection bags

Waste and recycling bins for your home

On this page you can find out how to request new or additional bins and how to report a damaged bin.

All bins belong to the council but you can write the address of your property on the bin. If you move, please don't take the bins with you. They should stay at the delivery address.

If your bin is damaged please don't make a request for a new or additional bin. Please report it as a damaged bin and we will assess if it needs to be replaced or repaired.

It can take between 4 and 6 weeks for bins to be delivered.

Collect a food waste caddy

You can collect an indoor and outdoor food waste caddy for free from your local recycling centre or service point if yours is broken or if you need more than one.

Report a damaged bin

If your bin is damaged, depending on its condition we will either repair it or replace it. If the damage is due to usual wear and tear or an incident out with council's control, you might have to pay a fee for replacement parts or a replacement bin.

Report a damaged bin

Request additional bins if you need more capacity

You can have more than one recycling bin of each type. If you need more capacity for your recycling, you can request an extra bin for free.

Request an extra recycling bin

We have a strict one refuse bin per household policy. However if you need additional capacity for your general waste, you will need to demonstrate that you are recycling as much as possible, including food waste. We will conduct an audit of the contents of your refuse bin as part of the assessment process. All information provided will be confidential. 

If your application is successful, a community waste officer will regularly review whether you continue to qualify for the additional refuse bin.

There is no fee for the additional refuse bin.

Request assessment for an extra refuse bin

Request bins for a new home

If you are moving to a new property where there are no bins, you can request a new refuse bin, new orange lid and blue lid recycling bin, and a new food caddy.

If you request a refuse bin, you will be asked to pay £31.15 delivery and admin fee. If you are in receipt of Housing Benefit or Council Tax Reduction, there is a reduced fee of £12.04.

There is no fee for a recycling bin or food caddy.

Request new bins