Community council elections

Community Councils of Aberdeenshire logoIn Aberdeenshire, elections to community councils take place every year that if there are vacancies on the particular community council. Elections generally take place in April and May with the new community council meeting for its AGM in late May or June.

If an election is required, council officers will facilitate this on behalf of the community council. Nominations will be sought over a period of 2 to 4 weeks and on closure of nominations, if there are enough candidates to form a community council the successful candidates will be elected and their names published on the website, but if there are more nominations than vacancies a ballot will take place.

Information about any ballot arrangement will be provided on the notice of election and on the council website so that anyone involved in the election can see when the ballot will take place. Ballots are usually between a week and a fortnight after the closure of nominations. If a ballot is required, candidates will have any personal statement that they have provided on their nomination form made available to voters both at the polling station and on the council website.

If at the closure of nominations, there are not enough candidates to meet the minimum number for the community council to establish, a second call may take place in around six weeks time.

To view area specific information such as elections taking place, ballots and results please use links below: