Lettable standard

Lettable standard for council housing

Communities Committee approved a new lettable standard, which sets out on 3rd September 2020. The new approach aims to reduce the length of time a property is unavailable for use between tenancies, during which time the property is classed as ‘void’.

The new lettable standard will support the Council in improving void processes by reducing re-let times, improving practice and performance, and providing a more person-centred service by completing as many works as possible prior to a property void period, and agreeing any works required at a later date with the incoming tenant.

The revised lettable standard began in the Formartine area on 1st October 2020 and moves to other areas of Aberdeenshire on a rolling basis.

Work will be carried out to the property during the following time periods:

  • Pre-void work refers to work that is carried out prior to the existing tenant moving out of their house
  • Void work refers to work that is carried out whilst the property is unoccupied
  • Post-void work refers to work that is carried out once the new tenant has moved in

 Pre-void work

The table below shows the actions to be undertaken in the notice period prior to the existing tenant moving out of their house.

Element Task
Garden Inspect house and garden for sharps and instruct safe removal.
Garden Remove and replace any faulty clothes poles and rotary dryers.
External Paths to be free from trip hazards.
External Ensure path provided to drying area.
External Check inspection accesses, gully surrounds, are sound, fix as necessary.
External Ensure steps and handrails safe and secure.
External Check lintel’s, sills and pointing work.
External Repair any faults to gutters and rainwater pipes.
External Ensure sub floor ventilation is unobstructed.
Roof Remedy roofing and chimney defects
Windows Replace any cracked or broken glass.
Windows Ensure that restrictors are fitted on all windows above ground floor.
Windows Fix trickle vents.
Doors Ensure that doors are fully operational.
Stairs Ensure handrails and balustrades are safe and secure.
Property Fix leaks and drips and/or repair at cisterns, tanks, cylinders, and water heaters.
Property Fix leaks and ensure wastes and fittings run free.
Property Ensure toilet seat is undamaged.
Property Renew sealant as necessary.
Bathroom Check shower and fittings are operational and repair or renew as required.
Kitchen Ensure all doors and drawers are operational.
Attic space Attics to be clear of all items.
Attic space Check for asbestos tanks and wrap if not done.