Street lights maintenance

We are responsible for the repair and maintenance of over 40,000 lighting units including associated road signs, bollards, traffic lights and pedestrian crossings.

Report lighting issues

We are not responsible for lighting units on trunk roads (A90 and A96 in Aberdeenshire). To report street light issues on a trunk road visit the Amey website.

For any out of hours lighting emergencies, such as lighting column damaged, exposed wires or section of lights out, please phone Police on 101.

 You can report non-emergency lighting issues to us online.

We aim to:

  • Repair all known street lighting faults within 7 calendar days
  • Repair all traffic light faults within 48 hours (24 hours if a red light is not working)

Lighting in new housing developments

Before work can start on the construction of a new road, the developer must obtain roads construction consent.

The developer is responsible for the provision and maintenance of street lighting on roads and footways that are to be adopted by us. Once street lighting is operational within a new development, the developer is responsible for its maintenance until we formally adopt the road. Find out how we adopt private roads.

We can offer a design service for road lights on a rechargeable basis. Please contact your local Roads office for more details.