Council's performance

Aberdeenshire Council approved a performance management framework (PDF 502KB) in June 2021 (updated in 2022) which encompasses all our key strategies and plans. The Council Plan and strategic priorities help to set out the direction of the council. Services have developed directorate plans which support the delivery of the council plan. A range of performance indicators are identified within the directorate plans and are reported on a 6 monthly basis to policy committees.

Within these pages you will be able to access a range of data evidencing our performance against core outcomes and priorities. You can also find out how we are viewed by our residents and external scrutiny bodies, and how we assess our own performance.

Performance at a glance

Our strategic assessment is a high level, succinct statistical report summarising a select number of Aberdeenshire-specific themes. It draws on various national and local data sources. 

The council plan sets out where we want to be as an organisation and how we will get there. The plan identifies our vision, core outcomes and key priorities. To support this, each service develops their own directorate plan, identifying key measures of performance that will help them to evidence how they meet their objectives.

The performance indicators in these plans are also used to evidence how the council is meeting the core outcomes identified in the council plan.

To see when forthcoming reports become publicly available, consult the calendar of reports section.

Further information

If you have any questions or should you wish to submit us your feedback, please complete a Have Your Say form or email the Performance team.