Bin collections

How to put rubbish out

When you put bins out for collection make sure that you:

  • place your bins at the kerbside or your designated collection area no later than 7am on your bin collection day
  • close bin lids (lock your food caddy by leaving the black handle upright or fully forward)
  • don't overfill your bins
  • don't put any waste next to your bins (take items that won't fit in your bin to a recycling centre or request bulky waste uplift)
  • don't put heavy items in the bins (sometimes they are too heavy for the loader to safely wheel to the lorry and empty)
  • don't contaminate your recycling bins - put right items in the right bins

After the bins are emptied, it is your responsibility to make sure they are returned to your property.

Sometimes we might not be able to empty your bins. Usually, we won't collect:

  • bins that are too heavy to safely wheel to the lorry and empty
  • contaminated recycling
  • additional black refuse bins that we didn't authorise

If we didn't collect your rubbish for any of these reasons, we won't offer you an alternative collection. You will need to make sure your bins are put out correctly for your next scheduled collection date so we can empty them. If the bins were too heavy, you will need to remove items from them to reduce the weight.

If your bin was missed

Check if there are any disruptions to bin collections before reporting a missed bin.

If you put your rubbish out correctly and we still didn't empty your bins, please report a missed bin collection.