Recycling booking

How the recycling booking system works

Here is what you need to know about how the household recycling centre booking system works:

  • Visits with commercial type vehicles and vehicles with trailers need to be booked at all recycling centressome recycling centre sites need to be booked for all vehicle types; please check site details before making a trip
  • Spaces are open for bookings up to 7 days in advance
  • Bookings are only valid for a single trip, you will need one booking for each visit recycling centre
  • The commercial vehicles and trailers limit system is incorporated in the bookings system
  • You can visit more than once per day if your limits allow, a valid booking is required for each visit
  • You can make multiple bookings up to your vehicle type limits
  • To update a booking you need to cancel current booking and make a new one

Why you need to book

At Inverurie and Westhill recycling centres the booking system has been retained as it reduces congestion on sites. Reducing queues to get into the sites leads to less idling cars on the approaching roads and plays a part in lowering our impact on the environment.

How often you can book

You can make a booking as often as you like. Cars, car derived vans and pick-ups have unlimited visits in 12-month period. Commercial type vehicles and vehicles with trailers are allowed 24 visits in a 12-month period. These 24 visits can be used any time – you could use these 24 visits in one week if you wish to.

What to bring with you

We recommend that you bring your booking confirmation or are able to show it on your phone in case there is an issue when you turn up on site. Gloves are recommended when you are handling your waste.

If you book in as a hire van you will need to bring your hire agreement in either paper or electronic format as you may be asked for it before you are allowed onsite.

What you can bring to the recycling centre

Before you visit a recycling centre, find out what items can and cannot be recycled. You can also view a list of materials accepted at recycling centres (PDF 81KB)

We will not accept:

How to pack your vehicle

Please pack your vehicle so that each waste type is separate. This will help to make your visit as efficient as possible and allows us to recycle as much as we can. Anything disposed in black bags will not be recycled. Please check the site layouts before your visit and pack the materials into your vehicle in the right order.

When you should arrive

At Westhill and Inverurie, your booking is valid for a 15-minute period. Please arrive within this time bracket. Limited vehicle bookings, at all other sites are valid for the opening hours of the day booked.


Our booking system is designed to minimise queueing, but please be prepared to wait to access the site.

How we will check your booking

Site attendants will only grant access to residents who have a valid booking.

Where barriers and automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) cameras are in place and working your booking will be checked by the automated system and the barrier will lift to allow you entry.

For sites where there is no barrier and ANPR or the barrier is not working your visit will be checked-in by site attendants using a mobile phone.

If you are running late or too early

If you arrive after your slot, and the barriers don't lift, you may be asked to go home to rebook if the site is too busy to allow you safe access. Access will be at the discretion of the site attendants.

If you arrive too early and access is not possible you will be asked to return to your allocated time slot. Access will be at the discretion of the site attendants.

Pedestrian access without a booking

Pedestrian access is available at some recycling centre sites and doesn't require a booking. Please check site details before making a trip.

This is for those without a vehicle only. Please do not park your vehicle outside the centre and walk in as this can cause spillages and issues for passing traffic.

Alternative services that you can use

If you don't want to make a booking, the council also offers the following services: